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"My poor thing," Kozlov muttered. “Soon, very soon. — Prematurely, Alexey Grigoryevich. - It was Golovko rushing from his corner. “Thanks, you can go,” he said to my guard as he walked, and with a run stopped right in front of me Link. - Well? he said quickly, looking into my eyes demandingly and nervously. “Do you remember the origin of that bundle?”

she shook her head negatively and didn't even say anything - he bored me so much that if I opened my mouth I would have said everything at once.

Golovko blinked at me for another half a minute. I don't even know what he was waiting for? Maybe he was hoping that I would promise to definitely remember where I got my Beretta from? Then, abruptly turning around, he approached Aunt Zina.


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