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Twin Turbo B, also know as Negative B is a Haitian artist from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently signed to Restricted Records, a new label that supports independent artists. Having managed a few artists before , he has finally decided to focus on his own career. Music is his passion, promoting and managing is his skill, being that he knows how to navigate the music industry , this come back will be effortless. He just released his new hit single , " How you do that". Out on all platforms.

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Twin Turbo B


From free-styling on lunch tables in high school to managing artist, Brooklyn rapper and entrepreneur Twin Turbo B is back from HIATUS with a hot new single titled “How You Do That”! During his break from rapping, Twin Turbo B decided to start a new by removing all of his old material from the internet and reestablish himself as an artist...


You may have heard us playing How You Do That by Twin Turbo B on recent shows here on Phoenix FM – and we caught up with him to find out more about his life and music...

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Twin Turbo B


With a catchy hook it happened to be the main formula to creating a huge hit and a dance move to accompany it and adds substance...

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